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Jobs-to-Be-Done in your UX Toolbox

Workshop abstract

Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) is a set of frameworks that is rapidly being recognised and adopted by product teams and UX practitioners worldwide as an effective way to identify and to define user needs.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • Jobs-to-Be-Done theory and overview of different frameworks that put it into practice
  • The original JTBD Switch interview approach
  • How to extract funtional, emotional, and social jobs
  • High-level analysis using JTBD timeline and forces
  • How to write job statements, desired outcome statements, and job stories
  • How to combine the Switch interview with other research methods
  • How to extend the Switch interview with a narrative research approach

This session is designed for intermediate to advanced researchers looking to add JTBD to their research toolset.

Workshop level


Steph Troeth

Strategist & Researcher

Steph is a user experience strategist and researcher, formerly Head of Research at Clearleft. In nearly 20 years of working on the Web, she has worn many hats, including a product lead for a tech startup in publishing and a technical director at a digital agency.