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Knowing your state machines

Workshop abstract

Web development is not just about delivering a response, it is also about writing good code. The state pattern will help you move complexity from being all over your code to one or more state machines. Tobias' workshop will introduce state machines, show you how to identify uses of them, and implement them in your Symfony application in an object-oriented manner using the Symfony Workflow component.

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Software requirements and repository

Files necessary to run the workshop can be cloned from Tobias's github repository.

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State Machines

Tobias Nyholm


Tobias is an open source enthusiast and has spent many years trying to bring something good to the community. He is a Symfony core team member, co-host of the Sound of Symfony podcast, and an organizer of Swedish PHP meetups. He maintains projects like, guzzle, buzz, Puli, Assert, and many more. He is also involved with the PHP-FIG by writing a PSR for HTTP clients.