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Symfony 4 best practices

Workshop abstract

Symfony 4 has been recently released and it changes the way you develop Web applications with Symfony. In this workshop, you will discover the new recommended best practices promoted by the Symfony Core Team. With Nicols, you will learn how to install third party packages with Symfony Flex, configure your application with environment variables or leverage the new dependency injection container features. And much more!

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Software requirements

Recommended software:

  • PHP 7.1+
  • Composer



$ composer create-project website-skeleton

Nicolas Grekas

Symfony core team member, CTO

Nicolas works at SensioLabs as CTO for the He started sending pull requests to Symfony at the end of 2013 and, since nobody told him to stop, he ended up becoming a core team member and a top-ranking contributor. He likes figuring out how to take the most out of the PHP engine, optimizing CI matrices, and removing lines of code.