This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Technology and Growth


Journey through the martech landscape (Jake Di Mare): In 2017, the size of the Marketing Technology landscape swelled to 5,000 platforms across many long-standing and emerging categories. How do you find the right mix for your organization? Explore the marketing technology landscape through the lens of individual marketing stacks.

Applying design thinking approaches (Vedran Antoljak): Creating the right corporate culture is the major reason why 84% of digital business transformations fail. Design Thinking approach may help. Vedran has been applying it for over 10 years of developing innovative business solutions and creating change mindset.

A board game on service design (Janus Boye): You have probably heard the often quoted survey that 80% of organisations believe they deliver outstanding service while only 8% of customers see it the same way. Using a board game, we will explore customer journeys and how to do a better job.

Raising investments for service oriented business (Vedran Antoljak): People think only startups can raise investments. Discover how it is possible to crowdfund a service business from Vedran’s company case study.

Integrating emerging trends with digital strategy (Jake Di Mare): You will unpack the opportunities and challenges you have faced around emerging trends that impact the customer experience. You will select the most challenging topics and break out into smaller groups and run those challenges through a problem-solving format.

Jake DiMare

Director of Marketing, Connective DX

Jake's background includes 20 years of success helping organizations leverage marketing technology solutions to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Recent work has focused on the strategy around customer experience, experience marketing, and the role of digital in business transformation. When he's not working, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife, sailing, riding his Harley, movies, history, and philosophy.

Vedran Antoljak

Sense Consulting

Vedran has more than 25 years of experience in management consulting, regulatory reform, and management innovation. He gained much of his knowledge and expertise by attending series of educational programs at Harvard, Wharton, and Bled School of Management. He prides himself in being the first businessman to introduce the concept of Design Thinking in Croatia, for which he is also a certified trainer (HPI School of Design Thinking). In his free time, Vedran enjoys the game of tennis and spending time with his two children.