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Using eZ Platform Cloud powered by

Workshop abstract

The main goal for this workshop is to show how easy is to use eZ Platform Cloud. It will consist of the following sections:

  1. basics will lead trough main basic concepts. And will build an example project.

  2. eZ Platform Cloud will show how to extend eZ Platform Cloud:

  • installing custom PHP extensions
  • managing environments
  • managing domains
  1. will share internal ContextualCode tool for eZ Platform Cloud local development.

Workshop level


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Software requirements and repositories

Workshop related files can be cloned from following repositories:

Needed software:

  • Python 2.7
  • Pip

Everything will be provided on the VirtualBox appliance distributed to all participants.


For basics create an empty git repository, register for trial project (development plan) and create an SSH key.

For eZ Platform Cloud create a personal fork of eZ Platform, register for eZ Platform Cloud account and create an SSH key. Trial accounts will be provided to eZ track participants.

Serhey Dolgushev

Contextual Code

I am a Lead Developer at Contextual Code. Simultaneously reside on two continents, Florida and London. My spare time I love spending on cycling and traveling, exploring and discovering new extraordinary places.

Chris Moutsos

Contextual Code

Chris is a developer at Contextual Code where he has the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of developers to build and maintain web solutions for a wide variety of clients.