Biz @ Web Summer Camp

Convince your boss

*and bring them along :)


A new track intended for web project leaders and decision makers imagined as a peer discussion group.

If you are a CxO in a web agency or a person responsible for web strategy, this is the right track for you. In this two-day event, you will have the opportunity to meet, exchange experience, and learn from your peers from all over the world.

Wed, Aug 29th – People and Strategy

  • Building the winning team (Janus Boye): Does your team have what it takes? In true peer group style, you will launch straight into an honest conversation about what it really takes to build a winning team. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your team and what it takes to make it a winning one.
  • Going from strategy to an actionable roadmap (Katrine Sundbye): Every winning team, to be a winning team, needs to follow a single strategy and execute it well. Execution means actions, so explore with Katrine how to turn a high-level strategy into a more concrete and actionable roadmap.
  • Creating a culture and frame conditions for innovation (Katrine Sundbye): There is a famous saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – even great strategies fail if the company culture is not adequate and not ready to innovate when necessary.
  • Business development towards predictable revenue (Janus Boye): If you prefer whale hunting, that is OK. However, in this Wednesday closing session, we will take a different approach by looking to systematically build a business development function that delivers predictable revenue.

Thu, Aug 30th – Technology and Growth

  • Journey through the martech landscape (Jake Di Mare): In 2017, the size of the Marketing Technology landscape swelled to 5,000 platforms across many long-standing and emerging categories. How do you find the right mix for your organization? Explore the marketing technology landscape through the lens of individual marketing stacks.
  • Applying design thinking approaches (Vedran Antoljak): Creating the right corporate culture is the major reason why 84% of digital business transformations fail. Design Thinking approach may help. Vedran has been applying it for over 10 years of developing innovative business solutions and creating change mindset.
  • A board game on service design (Janus Boye): You have probably heard the often quoted survey that 80% of organisations believe they deliver outstanding service while only 8% of customers see it the same way. Using a board game, we will explore customer journeys and how to do a better job.
  • Raising investments for service oriented business (Vedran Antoljak): People think only startups can raise investments. Discover how it is possible to crowdfund a service business from Vedran’s company case study.
  • Integrating emerging trends with digital strategy (Jake Di Mare): You will unpack the opportunities and challenges you have faced around emerging trends that impact the customer experience. You will select the most challenging topics and break out into smaller groups and run those challenges through a problem-solving format.

The number of participants will be limited to 20 people to ensure quality discussion and give everyone a chance to share their views.

During the planned four sessions, discussion leaders and Janus Boye as the chief moderator will keep the pace, ask provocative questions, and involve others to participate actively.

Fri, Aug 31st – CMS Expert Group Meeting

There is a good reason to stay for the third day (31st August) as well – attend the J. Boye CMS Expert Group session which will be free for all Biz track participants.

Moderators and discussion leaders

Janus Boye

Founder of J.Boye group

Being a host, coach, and lead for 20+ J. Boye peer groups has put Janus on a decade-long learning journey behind the scenes of digital agencies, small and large, as well as numerous complex and global organisations in Europe and North America. He also chairs the internationally recognized J. Boye Conferences held since 2005 in Aarhus, Denmark. With 3 young kids, Janus is also involved in public schools in Denmark on a local and national level, finding surprisingly many parallels between digital and primary education.

Katrine Sundbye

Delivery Director, Making Waves

Katrine is Delivery Director and business advisor at Making Waves. With twenty years experience from DNV GL, Bekk, and Accenture, she has spent one half of her professional life in consulting and the other half inside the corporate world, always driving innovation and change. Joining Accenture as their second communications professional in 1998 and later managing global teams of engineers and creators in the Norwegian-German firm DNV GL, she has gained wide experience with diverse and distributed teams.

Jake DiMare

Head of Marketing, Luminos Labs

Jake's background includes 20 years of success helping organizations leverage marketing technology solutions to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Recent work has focused on the strategy around customer experience, experience marketing, and the role of digital in business transformation. When he's not working, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife, sailing, riding his Harley, movies, history, and philosophy.

Vedran Antoljak

Sense Consulting

Vedran has more than 25 years of experience in management consulting, regulatory reform, and management innovation. He gained much of his knowledge and expertise by attending series of educational programs at Harvard, Wharton, and Bled School of Management. He prides himself in being the first businessman to introduce the concept of Design Thinking in Croatia, for which he is also a certified trainer (HPI School of Design Thinking). In his free time, Vedran enjoys the game of tennis and spending time with his two children.