UX @ Web Summer Camp


Engaging workshops on the UX topic, spread over 3 days, will focus on user experience and user research topics. Learn more in the blog posts.


Uphold and exceed your UX skills by engaging in these interesting and challenging workshops:

  • Jobs-to-Be-Done in your UX Toolbox; by Steph Troeth – This full-day workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced researchers looking to add JTBD to their research toolset.
  • Design thinking: A toolkit for innovation; by Chris How – Gain the key skills and the confidence to use design thinking to enable you to spot opportunities, generate ideas and pitch them to potential investors in this 1-day workshop.
  • The design systems toolkit; by Martin Sandholt – In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to make your own scaleable design solutions with a systematic approach and how to apply it in different projects regardless of current design system maturity.


Steph Troeth

Strategist & Researcher

Steph is a user experience strategist and researcher, formerly Head of Research at Clearleft. In nearly 20 years of working on the Web, she has worn many hats, including a product lead for a tech startup in publishing and a technical director at a digital agency.

Chris How

Principal UX Consultant, Clearleft

Chris is a Principal UX Consultant at Clearleft, based in Brighton in the UK. He creates award-winning digital solutions based on in-depth research insight and strategic design thinking. Chris helps clients shape and deliver elegant user-focussed solutions that add value to the business and its customers.

Martin Sandholt

Frontend Design Lead, momondo

Martin is currently working in the travel tech space at momondo. He is passionate about interaction design, information architecture, and front-end development. He specializes in design systems and implementing them on both small- and large-scale projects.