PHP @ Web Summer Camp


Hands-on workshops will be dedicated to PHP and its frameworks, especially Symfony, spread over two tracks. Learn more in the blog posts.


On the two PHP tracks this year, one more general and the other more Symfony-oriented, you will have an opportunity to participate in the following hands-on workshops:

  • Practical design patterns in PHP; by Hugo Hamon – A workshop in which you will (re)discover useful patterns like Builder, Factory Method, Abstract Factory, Composite, Decorator, and Adapter.
  • Web application security; by Anna Filina – Protect your infrastructure and your sensitive data with this 1-day workshop.
  • Deep dive into Symfony 4 internals; by Tobias Nyholm – This workshop will go over the architecture of Symfony.
  • Knowing your state machines; by Tobias Nyholm – Tobias will introduce state machines, show how to identify uses of them and implement them in your Symfony application in an object oriented manner using the Symfony Workflow component.
  • Server side rendering of React with Symfony; by Nacho Martín
  • Symfony 4 best practices; by Nicolas Grekas – In this workshop, you will discover the new recommended best practices promoted by the Symfony Core Team.
  • Code like a pro; by Stefan Priebsch – With Stefan, dive into advanced coding techniques through live coding.
  • Pragmatic TDD; by Luka Mužinić – Learn how to use PHPUnit and TDD in the most efficient way possible for extraordinary results.


Hugo Hamon

Hugo is a PHP and Symfony certified developer. He worked nine years for SensioLabs as a web developer, head of training, and software architect. He is now a backend lead developer at In his free time, Hugo contributes to Symfony and various OSS PHP projects and local user groups.

Anna Filina

Project rescue expert

Anna is a web developer, project rescue expert, Pluralsight author, speaker, and former conference organizer. She enjoys realizing seemingly impossible things and advise others on how to accomplish the same. She has been coding since 1997.

Tobias Nyholm


Tobias is an open source enthusiast and has spent many years trying to bring something good to the community. He is a Symfony core team member, co-host of the Sound of Symfony podcast, and an organizer of Swedish PHP meetups. He maintains projects like, guzzle, buzz, Puli, Assert, and many more. He is also involved with the PHP-FIG by writing a PSR for HTTP clients.

Nacho Martín


Nacho works as developer and trainer at Limenius, a company that he co-founded. He has been involved in the Symfony community for a long time. During the last years, he has been enjoying his work with React and React Native as if it was his first day in this profession. He is the author of ReactBundle, React Sandbox, and Liform. He is also an organizer of the conference React Alicante.

Nicolas Grekas

Symfony core team member, CTO

Nicolas works at SensioLabs as CTO for the He started sending pull requests to Symfony at the end of 2013 and, since nobody told him to stop, he ended up becoming a core team member and a top-ranking contributor. He likes figuring out how to take the most out of the PHP engine, optimizing CI matrices, and removing lines of code.

Stefan Priebsch

Even older digital watches would outperform Stefan's first computer. He has been an IT consultant for over 20 years, holds an academic degree in computer science, is an author of several textbooks, and a university lecturer on professional web development. He spends his free time playing electric guitar and researching agile home improvement.

Luka Mužinić

Luka is passionate about being a developer, teacher, and mentor to the newcomers into the world of programming. He works for Code4Hire, a remote team of software engineers, and is one of the organizers of the WebCamp Zagreb conference. He enjoys playing and watching sports that Croatians find odd and unpopular.