eZ @ Web Summer Camp


For the 7th time around, we will host experienced eZ experts with topics on the newest developments in the field. Learn more in the blog posts.


This summer, enjoy learning about new eZ technologies in the following confirmed workshops:

  • Productive development with Site API; by Petar Španja & Mario Blažek
  • Using Platform.sh with eZ; by Serhey Dolgushev & Chris Moutsos – Serhey and Chris will share their knowledge gathered while moving a lot of eZ project to Platform.sh.


Petar Španja


Petar is a software developer at Netgen, working on breaking complexity into simple and actionable components. He has been a part of eZ Systems core development team since 2012, his main interests being search and repository. When not coding, he is probably cycling or hiking in the woods.

Serhey Dolgushev

Contextual Code

Serhey is a lead developer at Contexual Code. He has worked with eZ for 13 years.

Mario Blažek


Mario is a web developer at Netgen where he is also the Chief Fire Officer. He explores the dark side of Symfony. In his private life, he is married to a beautiful wife and a father of two.

Chris Moutsos

Contextual Code

Chris is a developer at Contextual Code where he has the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of developers to build and maintain web solutions for a wide variety of clients.